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Smells I Like by Gordon Stowell

I picked up this gorgeous children's book at the weekend - Smells I Like by Gordon Stowell. The illustrations are fantastic. I think they're paper and line drawing collages which gives them their bold, brightness and wonderful simplicity.

Illustrator and cartoonist Gordon Stowell sadly died in 2003. He sold his first cartoon to a newspaper in 1942 aged only 14. Throughout his very long career he wrote and illustrated many children's books (including the one above published by AR Mowbray & Co Ltd. in 1969) and had his cartoons published regularly in the likes of Private Eye and Punch magazines - he believed, "cartoons could put over serious subjects".

There are 8 more books in this range, so the search is on - not sure how many of them I'll be able to pick up for 20p though!

Wed 17 Aug 2011

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Store Front: The Disappearing Face of Old New York

I love these pics over on How to be a Retronaut. They're taken from Store Front: The Disappearing Face of Old New York by James and Karla Murray, the result of years of photographing and "faithfully documenting the generations-old stores and shop windows of New York's neighbourhoods".

When it was published in 2009 the Murray's estimated that a third of the stores photographed had already closed, so I wonder how many are still open now, or even still standing? It's sad to think of those beautiful old signs being torn down as they add such character to a street, so much nicer than the bland plastic signage we see so much of today. 

It's not just in New York either, it's the same story in every city - regeneration, redevelopment it's a never-ending cycle and I know it boosts the local economies, creates jobs and is good for the community, but I like the faded glory.

Two of my favourite places are Manchester and Blackpool, UK - purely for the charm and character of the old buildings and abandoned signage hidden in the back streets.

All images taken from Store Front:The Disappearing Face of Old New York. Copyright James & Karla Murray.
Published by Gingko Press.

Paul Thurlby's Alphabet Book

We've posted about London based illustrator, Paul Thurlby a couple of times over the last couple of years, mainly about his gorgeously retro Alphabet Prints (above).

Well, his illustrated Alphabet has taken on a life of it's own since we last posted. The lovely letters are now available as signed/numbered, limited edition Giclee prints, as greeting cards and have just been made into a children's ABC book (below)!
Paul Thurlby's Alphabet will be published by Templar and released on July 1st. I for one can't wait to get my hands on a copy - I think it's going to be as popular with adults as it will with children.

Pre-order your copy here for only £8.69!

Images copyright Paul Thurlby.

Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration

Last night we had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Amelia Gregory at the Brighton launch of her new book, Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration at Castor + Pollux. Unfortunately I couldn't make it until late and missed the actual talk (which by all accounts was very inspiring and informative) but I did have chance to chat with Amelia and enjoy the complimentary mini-cupcakes and Juiceology drinks.

Amelia is big on the values of social media and it's importance to the fashion industry - I agree and think the same goes for any designers and illustrators. I was amused to realise that I actually knew more about social media than the young, newly graduated fashion students also present, who didn't really know what Twitter was nevermind be on it!

Amelia's Magazine
was first published in May 2004 and over the following 4 years Amelia produced 10 successful issues all championing the work of up and coming fashion illustrators, ethical fashion designers and ways to create a more sustainable future for our planet. In 2008, Amelia decided to cease publishing the magazine and concentrate all her efforts on it's fast-growing website, where Amelia's Magazine still lives on.

Amelia's compendium of Fashion follows the success of her first book, Amelia's Anthology of Illustration and "brings together the best illustration from Amelia’s Magazine alongside the best new ethical fashion designers". It showcases the work of 30 illustrators, features interviews about their design practice and profiles almost 50 of the very best ethical fashion designers working today including Fifi Bijoux, Minna, Partimi Prophetik and Ute Decker.

It's a really gorgeous book, packed full of inspiration and ideas - definitely one for the coffee table!

Keep up with Amelia's comings and goings by following Amelia Gregory and Amelia's Magazine on Twitter.

Patrick Hruby

I've just come across the work of Californian illustrator Patrick Hruby for the first time, and I love it - the colours, the geometric shapes and the big type definitely do it for me. They also have a lovely nostalgic feel which adds to their charm.

He's just completed this great ABC book for Ammo too...

To see more of Patrick's wonderful work check out his website and blog.
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Sun 03 Oct 2010

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Modern British Posters offer!

Vintage poster lovers, here's a great offer for the weekend!

The very kind people at Black Dog Publishing have been in touch to offer our lovely readers 40% discount on their new publication, Modern British Posters by Paul Rennie.

"The book is drawn entirely from the prestigious graphic collection of Paul and Karen Rennie, with posters from artists including Paul Nash, Edward Bawden, Edward McKnight Kauffer, Abram Games, Peter Max and Tom Eckersley amongst others."

It's a great source of design reference filled with vintage posters from the likes of London Underground, BOAC and Shell (all below) as well as badges, books and items of ephemera from the same era. I really love this BOAC poster with the overlayed arrows making up the BOAC logo.

To oreder the book and claim the 40% discount, email jess [at] blackdogonline [dot] com with your delivery address, quoting ‘Delicious Industries Offer’ as the subject and Jess will process your order. The face value of the book is £29.95.

Here are some spreads to whet your appetite...

Images copyright Black Dog Publishing.

Fri 02 Jul 2010

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From the reference box #73

#73 - Wonder Atlas; An atlas for the air-age (the new up-to-date edition). It cost me 50p and the guy I bought it off looked at me as though I was mad, but it's worth every penny. Just look at the cover for a start with all it's 50's loveliness - I do love a turquoise and a red together too.

There are 24 full colour (up-to-date) maps inside including political, distance by air from London, average distance from a railway in different countries, seaway and airway versions, as well as a 4 page centre supplement of black an white photographs showing cities of the Commonwealth.

It was printed by LP - The Literary Press Ltd. in London (you can see their owl logo with the words, 'In knowledge lies wisdom' on the cover above) on a Collins Clear-Type Press and is a late 50's edition, from 1959 (I think).

Check out more of our reference box items here - I'm sure you'll like what you find!

Mon 03 May 2010

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Cover Me Badd Fake Book Cover Competition

Our friends over at Sell! Sell! are running a design competition to create the final cover in their Cover Me Badd set of fake book covers.

"Reading the latest Dan Brown, or Ukrainian Tractor Drivers Go Bananas? Or perhaps Confessions Of A Shopaholic, or something like Gareth Gates' Autobiography (is there such a thing?)? Worry not about being looked down upon by your snooty fellow travelers for your populist or hurredly chosen reading matter. Simply slip a Cover Me Badd over your book and read happily."

The set so far includes covers to make you look intellectual (War & Peace Translated Into Mandarin), clever (Space Science 4, An Expert's Textbook), down right scary (Serial Killing For The Intermediate, A Hands On User Guide) and a little bit weird (Mummy's the Word, Living with the Oedipus Complex).

It's a great idea and if you want to be part of it, here are the competition details:

Packs of our Cover Me Badd fake book covers will be hitting the stores later this year. But first, we'd thought we'd offer the chance to you, our dear reader to enter your own. Simply come up with an idea for a name, or even design a fake book cover, and send it to us at doubles[at]sellsell[dot]co[dot]uk - The chosen entry will be included in our launch pack, and of course the winner will not only garner massive fame and what the Americans call Kudos (aftershave, I think), but also a share of what we are cautiously estimating to be an obscene amount of profit. So get your designing and writing fingers out. The closing date is March 31st.

Read more about Cover Me Badd covers here.

Images copyright Sell! Sell!

Fri 05 Mar 2010

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The Visual Miscellaneum

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this info graphics book from Harper Collins, it looks fantastic.

The Visual Miscellaneum: A colourful guide to the world's most consequential trivia (or Information is Beautiful as it will be known in the UK) is the baby of London based author, writer, blogger and designer, David McCandless, a self-confessed fan of, "anything strange and interesting".

Here are some preview pics from Information is Beautiful. It's definitely my kind of book - loads of big graphics and very little text.

It was released in the states yesterday and can be bought here, but in the UK we have to wait until 4 February 2010! It can be pre-ordered here though.

Images copyright David McCandless.
Via Notcot.

The Graphic Eye

Finally we got our hands on the great new Rotovision book, The Graphic Eye by Stefan G. Bucher which showcases, 'Photographs by International graphic designers'.

Big thanks to Stefan and his team for including our images (above) in the book it's an honor to have them published along side the work of great designers like Ed Fella.

Huge congrats also to our friends at Sell! Sell! who had three of their great Polaroids published in this book too (below).

Andy Smith's Blue Inks

Big thanks to illustrator Andy Smith for sending us a copy of 'Blue Inks', his new limited edition screen printed book, we're very honored and we love it!

The 30 page book is packed with fantastic typography and illustration throughout as it, "follows the exploits of a gang of colour specific creatures" - very niche, but very funny. My favourite scene has to be the blue inks' fight with some magentas (below)!

'Blue Inks' and loads more of Andy's wonderful illustrations are available here. Also check out the work he's just completed with our friends Sell! Sell! for Fish4 here.

Images copyright Andy Smith.

Polish Book Covers

I found this great collection of Polish book covers over on the wonderful A Journey Round My Skull. The graphics, typography and colours are fantastic. I love the 'KASK' type (it reminds me a bit of A Clockwork Orange) and the swallow illustration which reminds me of Charley Harper's style.

Images copyright A Journey Round My Skull.

We're in Print!

Well, our business card is! It's featured in 'Business Cards 3: Designs on Saying Hello' from LK Publishing and has a whole page to itself.

It's in great company too - our friends Sell! Sell! are also in it (yes, I have nicked their pics) as are some of our favourite illustrators, Andy Smith and Richard Hogg.

Big thanks to Liz Farrelly and Michael Dorrian for featuring our card and congratulations on another great book.

Fri 12 Jun 2009

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A very special Type Specimen Book

I thought I had a few really great type specimen books until i saw this example at the weekend - it is absolutely stunning!

It belongs to NY designer, James Phillips Williams (JP), the man behind amassblog and a one time student of the great Paul Rand at the Yale School of Art. Both were avid collectors and fans of Jan Tschichold's work and became great friends. One day Mr Rand brought out this book to show JP, and revealed that it's previous owner had been the man himself - Jan Tschichold! He then gave the book to JP and said, "Enjoy, as I have".

Can you believe that not only is this a fantastic type specimen book, but it's also been owned by 2 of the most influential designers and typographers of the 20th Century! Thanks JP for sharing such a magnificent book with such a great history.

Images copyright amassblog.
Via Hi + Low.

Mon 08 Jun 2009

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English for Tiny Tots

I just saw these book illustrations over on kris's color stripes. They're from a Latvian book, English for Tiny Tots, Riga 1974 - one of Kris's latest finds.

The colours are really strong and make the illustrations really pop out of the background, teamed up with a lovely slab serif and what's not to like!

Images copyright kris's color stripes.

Fri 29 May 2009

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