A very special Type Specimen Book

I thought I had a few really great type specimen books until i saw this example at the weekend - it is absolutely stunning!

It belongs to NY designer, James Phillips Williams (JP), the man behind amassblog and a one time student of the great Paul Rand at the Yale School of Art. Both were avid collectors and fans of Jan Tschichold's work and became great friends. One day Mr Rand brought out this book to show JP, and revealed that it's previous owner had been the man himself - Jan Tschichold! He then gave the book to JP and said, "Enjoy, as I have".

Can you believe that not only is this a fantastic type specimen book, but it's also been owned by 2 of the most influential designers and typographers of the 20th Century! Thanks JP for sharing such a magnificent book with such a great history.

Images copyright amassblog.
Via Hi + Low.

Mon 08 Jun 2009

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