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#65 – Cook books from The Stork Cookery Service - ‘Stork Goes Continental’, 1954 and ‘Party Time with Stork’, 1958.

I love the little Stork Magarine recipe booklets and after buying these two recently I decided to find out more about them. Unilever have a little bit of history here...

“Stork was first introduced as a branded margarine in the 1920. In the 1930's, Stork taste tests began on Radio Lyons. Advertising campaigns included "The Energy Giver" to dispel thoughts that margarine was unhealthy. The Stork Cookery Service was launched in 1939 to help housewives discover cooking with margarine when food rationing began.”

When rationing ended in 1954, Stork and The Stork Cookery Service reappeared in the marketplace and over the following 20 years they produced a huge range of booklets and books with instructions and recipes for all ages and all levels of experience; from ‘How to make a Sandwich’ to ‘The Art of Icing’.

Some of the recipes in the party one sound really good, I might have to get my pinny on and bake some cakes this weekend!

If you like these, I’m sure you’ll like the other items in our reference box – have a root here.


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