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Save Polaroid!

With Polaroid film production coming to an end sometime in 2008/2009 Save Polaroid is spearheading a worldwide campaign to help save it. The website is full of the joys of Polaroid; history, news, stories and lots of pics, plus a downloadable 'action pack' on how to help the cause.

Polaroid is a great media, I love the slightly hazy, 70's looking colours - what I like to call 'the Polaroid effect' - now what other camera can do that? OK, I know that Fuji do a similar camera, but the pictures are a different shape and it's just not the same!

If this has inspired you to dig out some of your old polaroids, why not send one to Postcard Polaroid.

Via Its Nice That.

Thu 10 Jul 2008

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I pretend to work

I saw this today whilst trawling blogs, instead of working and it made me smile! See more of Andy Smith's work here and buy prints here.

Image via A Smith Illustration.

Wed 09 Jul 2008

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Surf Photographer, Jeff Divine

Whilst we are on the theme of surf photographers, it would be remiss of me not too also post about the amazing work of Jeff Divine. Divine's images are mainly in colour and have a dynamic, fresh feel. His '70's Era' images are like a colour continuation of the Leroy Grannis black and white, 60's collection, capturing the whole of surf culture - the fashions, the hairstyles, the boards and always the very cool cars.

Jeff Divine grew up in La Jolla and began taking pictures of fellow surfers in the 60's. In 1971 he joined Surfer magazine and in 1981 became their Photo Editor for the next 16 years!

Divine's prints are available to buy through M+B in LA, but from the 21 July - 31 August his work will be exhibited/on sale at Crane and Kalman in Brighton, and I for one cannot wait!

Images via Jeff Divine Surf.

From the reference box #13

Another little bit of ephemera fresh from the reference box are these 'Sorry we missed you' cards from a 1950/60's Dry Cleaners in Leamington Spa. I love the 'vanman' character on the pink one - he really is sad that they're not in!

# 13 - Dry cleaning, calling cards. 1950/60.

Surf Photographer, Leroy Grannis

It's been a while since I last looked at the work of surfer and surf photographer, Leroy Grannis and it's never disappointing, especially 'The Legends: Classic 60's black and white photo collection'. They have that lovely grainy, vintage look and even in mono they radiate that warm, hazy days of summer feeling. As does the '60's legend board builders' collection which gives a great insight into the business end of 60's surf culture.

Grannis began surfing in 1931 and started photographing surfers and surf culture in the early 60's and has some great collections through the 60's and 70's in black and white and colour.

Limited edition photographic prints are available to buy here. Be warned though, they are not cheap and you will fall in love with them and just have to have one.

Images via Photosgrannis.

Sat 05 Jul 2008

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Illustrators, Gary Taxali & Roman Klonek

Just saw this post on the Sell Sell blog about illustrator Gary Taxali. I love his work, it's fantastic - full of quirky characters and bright colours, and as Sell Sell say, it does have a look of vintage advertising/propaganda posters. Some of his signed, limited edition screenprints are available to buy here.

And if this quirky, nostalgic illustration is your thing then check out the work of Polish, illustrator Roman Klonek, whose woodcuts are similarly reminiscent of Eastern European propaganda posters, and also filled with wild and crazy looking characters in bright colours. The full collection of woodcuts can be seen on his website (which is a pretty cool site), and if you want to see them in the flesh, there is normally a selection on display/for sale at Castor & Pollux in Brighton.


Fubiz have put together a selection of '70 Amazing business cards' they find inspirational. Well, I'm not sure I would describe them all as amazing from a design point-of-view, but there are some really nice pieces of print so it's worth a little look.

Pics from Fubiz.

Wed 02 Jul 2008

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Any Jesus £4

"Any Jesus £4 each" is not something you see everyday so I thought it worthy of a post. Thanks to Darren at Site for sending us this gem of a pic. As seen in Snoopers Paradise, Brighton.

Tue 01 Jul 2008

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Olympic logo Retrospective

After seeing the Olympic poster retrospective last week, I thought it would be interesting to see all the Olympic logos chronologically. I started a search and immediately found that Hitesh Mehta had beaten me to it and also included some Winter Olympic logos along with some of the candidate countries 'bid' logos. I was really only interested in seeing the Summer Olympic logos, so here they are:

The 60's and 70's ones really define the design of the time and for me, the Moskow 1980 was the last great Olympic logo, as subsequent years started to look very similar and all have the feel of an 80's tourist board logo, that is until the London 2012 logo. This has definitely broken the mold of recent games branding, although it does still have the 80's feel (maybe that's just the fluro pink & yellow), which I have nothing against, but how will it work when the Olympic rings are in their correct colours; blue, black, red, yellow and green?

Images and research gathered by Hitesh Mehta.

Tue 01 Jul 2008

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