Olympic logo Retrospective

After seeing the Olympic poster retrospective last week, I thought it would be interesting to see all the Olympic logos chronologically. I started a search and immediately found that Hitesh Mehta had beaten me to it and also included some Winter Olympic logos along with some of the candidate countries 'bid' logos. I was really only interested in seeing the Summer Olympic logos, so here they are:

The 60's and 70's ones really define the design of the time and for me, the Moskow 1980 was the last great Olympic logo, as subsequent years started to look very similar and all have the feel of an 80's tourist board logo, that is until the London 2012 logo. This has definitely broken the mold of recent games branding, although it does still have the 80's feel (maybe that's just the fluro pink & yellow), which I have nothing against, but how will it work when the Olympic rings are in their correct colours; blue, black, red, yellow and green?

Images and research gathered by Hitesh Mehta.

Tue 01 Jul 2008

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