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I was browsing Iconofgraphics the other day, a great site with biographies and images about graphic icons Alexey Brodovitch, Wim Crouwel, Lucien De Roek, Max Huber, Jac. Jongert, Erik Nitsche, Paul Rand, Jan Toorop, Theo Van Doesburg and H.TH. Wijdeveld - it's a really interesting read.

Anyway, I came accross these Harper's Bazaar spreads art directed by Alexey Brodovitch and was totally shocked by how dynamic and experimental they are. I'm familiar with the covers he art directed, as they're probably his most famous works, but I've never before seen his page layouts which really show the true depths of his talent.

Carmel Snow the editor-in-chief who hired Brodovitch, hoped his unique design style would refresh the magazine and set it apart from it's rivals, "I saw a fresh, new conception of layout technique that struck me like a revelation: pages that "bled" beautifully cropped photographs, typography and design that were bold and arresting". Taken from 'The world of Carmel Snow'' by Carmel Snow & Mary Louise Aswell, McGraw-Hill, 1962.

It's a shame fashion mags these days don't aspire to this level of design. They seem to achieve great heights with photography, but they leave little room for design with almost every inch of the page plastered in content. I think these spreads really show the value of white space and composition - less is more, people!

Images taken from Iconofgraphics.

Thu 06 Aug 2009

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