EE Chrisp letterpress printers

I just received this little die-cut card from Phil at EE Chrisp letterpress printers. I love the Advertisers! You need good printing illustration on the back - so true!

Thu 26 Jan 2012

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From the reference box # 121

#121 - Vintage Tourist Map of Greece.

I love the contrast of the traditional style cover against the gorgeous graphic maps inside - they're so bright and colourful with a very modern feel.

It was designed in March 1967 for The National Tourist Organization of Greece by M Katzourakis.

Shrug off those January blues with some tea, a slice of cake and a dig around in our reference box!

Mon 23 Jan 2012

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American Sampler - The Art of Corita Kent

American Sampler - The Art of Corita Kent is boxed 40 page booklet (14.8 x 21cm) and 6 limited edition prints (50 x 70cm) showcasing the beautifully bold and bright work of Corita Kent (formerly Sister Mary Corita Kent) that we posted about here.

This is the second large-scale publication from 50by70 created by designer Tim Fishlock to celebrate the work of wonderful artists and designers. It's only an edition of 350, so if you want one you better by sharpish!

Images copyright 50by70.
Via CR Blog.

Twentynine ways to stay creative

Saw this Ed Hall poster over on Sell! Sell! - it's a nice little reminder at the start of the year and it reminded me how much I love doing what I do!

Copyright Ed Hall.

Mon 09 Jan 2012

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Auto Type XVIV

Here's some fabulous European, US and Japanese Auto type to start off the new year. Best enjoyed with a hot drink (or something stronger) and left-over Christmas chocolate!

2012 here we come!

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely break - here's to a fun and prosperous 2012.

Wed 04 Jan 2012

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From the reference box # 120

#120 - 1950/60's Christmas cards. A festive offering as we sign-off for the holidays.

Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and a very merry New Year - see you on the other side!

And if you do find yourself browsing the internet on your new ipad, or pretending to work on your laptop to escape from the relatives, have a look through the rest of our reference box - it'll keep you 'busy' for hours.

Fri 23 Dec 2011

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A Taste Of The Extraordinary

Our friends at Sell! Sell! have been beavering away on a new campaign for Drambuie - A Taste Of The Extraordinary. The campaign launches worldwide next year but in the run up to Christmas Londoners are getting a little preview. 

We are loving the ads (above), they have such a timeless look that oozes sophistication. Simple yet beautifully weird. Sell! Sell! set out to create imagery that reflected the uniqueness of the drink - a whisky liqueur made from a blend of aged Speyside malt whiskies, spices, heather honey and herbs. Imagery that created intrigue and curiosity.

To create that classic feel, photographer John Ross shot the ads on large format film (yes, that does still exist - just!) and it really makes a difference.

There's so much attention to detail in these ads, that it's the behind the scenes pics that really had me intrigued - seeing how all the elements were shot to create the right shadows and perspective, how the floor was made and how the drip was added. Just see for yourselves...

Great work guys, please post up more behind the scenes pics.

Images copyright Sell! Sell!

Fri 16 Dec 2011

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From the reference box # 119

#119 - Vintage meat cuts leaflet from, 'the most extensive - Curers of Bacon & Hams in Europe', Denny's. I'm guessing here, but I think it dates from the mid 50's. The cuts of meat are really well illustrated and they're all number/letter coded so you can cross reference which part of the pig each cut comes from.

Henry Denny & Sons Ltd. were an Irish meat curing company started in 1820 in Waterford who expanded during  the late 1800's opening pork processing plants in Denmark, Germany and the US. They are also credited for patenting many production methods for bacon and helping the development of the Danish bacon industry.

This leaflet was used to advertise local butchers who stocked their meat. 'Denny's Star brand' with it's trademark star graphic (seen on the front of this leaflet - top) was their brand established purely for the UK market.

According to Wikipedia "Denny’s sausages receive a mention in James Joyce’s Ulysses - ‘And a pound and a half of, Denny’s sausages…The ferreteyed porkbutcher folded the sausages he had snipped off with blotchy fingers, sausage pink’ and the company also claims to have invented the skinless sausage in 1941".

For more vintage ephemera and paper goodies, have a root through the rest of the reference box.

Thu 08 Dec 2011

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'Christmas Pudding' cards now on Etsy!

Our final Christmas cards are packed up with their envelopes and ready to ship!

As with the 'Mince Pies' and 'Holly' designs the 'Christmas Pudding' cards are available here in packs of 10 - so what are you waiting for!

Fifty years of progress in advertising…

We're loving the cartoons our friends over at Sell! Sell! have started posting - funny little anecdotes of life in an ad agency (or most ad agencies!).

There's only been two so far, but we're hoping they'll keep doing more. Here's the first one if you missed it.

Thanks Sell! Sell! for making us chuckle.

Fri 02 Dec 2011

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Tools of Criminal Mischief - Roger Gastman prints

Roger Gastman, collector of all things graffiti and co-creator of Swindle magazine has released this set of 3 hand-numbered posters showcasing his wonderful collection of vintage spray cans, Tools of Criminal Mischief: The Cans.

Designed to coincide with his new limited edition book 'Tools of Criminal Mischief', the posters featuring cans recently exhibited at MOCA as part of their Art in the Streets exhibition and include, "coveted brands such as Krylon, Rustoleum and Red Devil as well as off-brands with colors such as Silver-Skate Aluminum and Baa Baa Black".

The posters are available individually or as a set, so bag yourself some graffiti memorabilia here.

Images copyright Roger Gastman.
Via World Famous Design Junkies.

'Holly' Christmas cards now on Etsy!

Our second batch of hand-letterpressed Christmas cards, 'Holly' are all packed up and ready to ship. They're available here in packs of 10 with envelopes as are our 'Mince pies' cards.

There's still one design to come, so keep watching this space!

Vintage Thanksgiving Parade Balloons

Tomorrow the 85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade will work it's way through the streets of Manhattan and what better way to celebrate (if you can't actually be there) than to look through these vintage photos of the giant parade balloons.

Happy Thanksgiving my American friends - have a great day tomorrow!

Images copyright Macy's.
Via Buzzfeed.

Wed 23 Nov 2011

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Soviet anti-alcohol posters

Rio Wang has some great Soviet anti-alcohol posters mainly from 1920 - 1990.

Their post “In eternal memory” outlines the background to these posters - Russia's social history, their struggle with alcoholism and drunkeness, cheap alcohol readily available and a drop in the average male life expectancy to 47!

Above are some of the more graphic ones that really caught my attention.

See the full post and collection of posters here.

All images from Rio Wang.
Via Notcot.

Tue 22 Nov 2011

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