Windfall, the International Apple Computer magazine

Anyone remember Windfall, the International Apple Computer magazine? No I didn’t either, but I found a few issues at the weekend and thought they would be fun to read. Check out the 80's design too:

Windfall started in January 1981 and was the UK’s main Apple specialist magazine.

The main focus of the issues I have is the launch of ‘Lisa’, “the electronic office revolution of tomorrow’ - Apple's innovative micro computer with a unique operating system and a suite of programs allowing the user to word-process, draw, create spreadsheets and graphs and be able to print them all easily. The user-friendly, operating system used a desktop filing system (similar to how we use them today), had icons, went to sleep when not in use and remembered preferences. It was basically the forerunner to the operating systems we know and love today and it was the predecessor to Macintosh.

There are also some great ads for the Apple products with the old logo, and associated products:

In 1984 Windfall changed its name to the more familiar, Apple User - a title I do remember. Here are issues 1 & 2 – note the typo on the February issue covered up with a sticker! Underneath it says ‘January’!

The most interesting thing about these 2 issues is that they introduce the Apple Macintosh, the second in the Lisa family. Here’s the first article about the Apple Mac (Mouse Activated Computer):

Unfortunately by 1987 Apple had decreased in popularity in the UK, having never really found the market here for their advanced 16 bit IIg’s, and publications like Apple User fell by the wayside. Something that seems hard to believe looking at the dominance of Apple products in the UK market today!

Mon 13 Oct 2008

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