When Beans were Bullets

When Beans were Bullets is an exhibition of US World War I & II posters curated by designer and public historian Cory Bernat.

"Combining the eye of a graphic designer with the research skills of a historian, curator Cory Bernat highlights the dramatic differences in style and content that emerged between the two wars. She displays copies of over seventy posters on fence panels instead of in frames to highlight their mass-produced quality. She uncovered the posters over the last two years among unprocessed holdings within NAL’s Special Collections, where the originals are still held."

There's something charming and homely about wartime posters and it's funny how the same slogans to reduce wastage and grow our own food are still topical today.

View whole exhibition online here or if you're lucky enough to live close by, you can see it in person at the National Agricultural Library until 10 September and then at the USDA South Building in Washington, D.C. from 6 October until 10 November 10, 2010.

Images copyright Cory Bernat.
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