New Fentimans ads

Love these ads our friends at Sell! Sell! have just finished for Fentimans, the makers of botanically brewed beverages to advertising their Ginger Beer (above), Victorian Lemonade (below) and Curiosity Cola (below). They're simple and funny - we'd expect nothing less!

"With this campaign we wanted to do a couple of things - obviously introduce Fentimans to the (still too many) people who haven't heard of them at all, to explain what makes their products special and different to normal soft drinks, and to do it all in a way that felt right for Fentimans. Fentimans are a real family business, dating back to 1905, with a cracking product. So we wanted to kind of get out of the way, and let them speak to people honestly and directly about their product."

Find out more here.

Wed 17 Nov 2010

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