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How great is this Nesbitt's poster. I had forgotten all about it until So Much Pileup posted some 70's Nesbitt's packaging. I think it's from the late 50's / early 60's judging by the print quality and design. I love the Nesbitt's logotype and just how graphic the whole thing is.

While I was trying to find out more about Nesbitt's I came across this site which has masses of memorabillia, posters and information about the company and there products:

The Nesbitt Fruit Products Company was founded in 1924 by Hugh S. Nesbitt and produced syrups to be used in soda fountains.

Nesbitt's Orange was first bottled for distribution in 1938-39, distinguished from it's competition by the fact it was made from 10% California orange juice.

Marilyn Monroe was a model for Nesbitt's Orange in 1946.

Nesbitt's Orange was the "Official Orange Drink" for Disneyland from the time it opened in 1955 into the 1960's. It was the only orange drink sold in the Park.

In 1957, the "Nesbitt's Orange Special" dragster set 1/4 Mile speed Record of 9.445 seconds (159.02 mph). It is believed that this was the first "commercially sponsored" dragster.

How cool is that?!

Fri 07 Nov 2008

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