Great giveaways from our lovely friends!

It seems to be the week for great giveaways - our friends over at Sell! Sell! are giving away some of their exclusive(ish) 'F*ck off Jonathan from Spotify' tees. All you have to do is finish the sentence "I need a Sell! Sell! Fuck off Jonathan from Spotify tee shirt because..." and email it to them with your tee size. Simple! Now what's Spotify and who's Jonathan??

Meanwhile our friends across the pond at Hero Design Studio & Boutique are having a Modern Housewares Contest, giving away some great iconic pieces including an Eames Hang-it-All Rack! All you have to do is tell them which homeware you couldn't live without or which of the giveaway items you really NEED! Unfortunately for us though, this ones for US residents only.

Thu 16 Jul 2009

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