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#88 - Getaway Peak Miles Check. It's been a while since I've bought a vintage dial, but I found this beauty at the weekend and couldn't resist.

It was produced by National (a petrol station chain) and BP as a useful conversion guide. On the front the yellow dial helps drivers calculate the average speed required to achieve a certain number of miles in a specific time. Whilst on the reverse it gives a 'see-at-a-glance' list of conversions from metric and English stocking sizes to Gallons and Litres, to help you 'cruise your way through the metric system'.

I'm not sure of the exact date, but an educated guess would be late 70's when the UK announced it was to drop the use of non-metric measures. Although it wasn't mandatory until the mid 90's I imagine the announcement created widespread panic with companies using it to their advantage for their marketing.

If vintage dials and auto ephemera are your cup of tea, there are lots more examples nestled away in our reference box - check it out here.


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