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Buchstabenmuseum - The Museum of Letters

These fabulous letters and many, many more can be seen at Buchstabenmuseum, the Museum of Letters in Berlin - they've been salvaging used letters and signage for the last 4 years.

To view the full collection book an appointment the next time you are in Berlin, or take a look at Core77's wonderful, sneak preview pics.

Images copyright Core77.
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Wed 18 Feb 2009

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Aesthetic Apparatus at Richard Goodhall Gallery

Hello and welcome back, hope you all had a great holiday!

While I was up North over the holiday season, I took the opportunity to drop in to the Richard Goodhall Gallery in Manchester. They always have a superb selection of gig posters, limited editions prints and photography and it's become a bit of a tradition to treat myself to one.

This year they had some really great Aesthetic Apparatus prints on display from their Doomdrips series. They're bright and bold - perfect to get me motivated for the New Year. I bought the fist one (above centre) for only £25! Can't wait to get it framed and on the wall.

Images copyright Aesthetic Apparatus.

SIGNS by Mark Pawson

An Exhibition of 12 New Limited Edition Ready To Hang Signs and some Jewellery is Mark Pawson's latest exhibition that runs from 7 November - 23 December at Tatty Devine's Brick Lane store.

The signs are perspex, laser-cut and etched at Tatty Devine then glued together by Pawson. They have a great nostalgic feel that Pawson attributes to the, "curious, limited sort of retro colour palette" that the perspex/acrylic is available in.

He has also been bust making 12 invitational 'ready-to-hang' signs which have been sent out to press and magazines promoting the exhibition:

Via and images from Creative Review.

Tue 04 Nov 2008

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Alan Aldridge at the Design Museum

The Design Museum is showing the first UK retrospective of illustrator and graphic designer, Alan Aldridge "The Man with the Kaleidoscope Eyes" until January 2009.

Aldridge was born in London, but has lived in LA for 25 years. He became huge in the swinging 60’s with his unique style of psychedelic illustration on the Beatles lyric book and iconic album covers for the Rolling Stones, Elton John and The Who. During this time he was also the Art Director at Penguin and is said to have, “breathed fresh life into modern book cover design”.

The exhibition sounds great, “an elaborate display of complete works as well as sketches, notes, letters and other archival material as well as films; bringing to life the exciting career of Alan Aldridge”, and I can't wait to see it, but for anyone that can’t make it you can checkout his work and buy prints here.

Images copyright Alan Aldridge.

Rob Ryan at Castor & Pollux

“Swirling, intricate bells, birds, trees and stars fill the prints and paper cuts of silhouetted lovers surrounded by floating poetry”

The Rob Ryan exhibition of screen prints, printed tiles and paper cuts started yesterday at Castor & Pollux and runs until 20 October.

Rob’s work is beautiful, intricate and sentimental. He’s created illustrations for Paul Smith, designed Christmas windows for Liberty’s of London and made paper-cut fashions for Vogue.

His work will be available to buy throughout the exhibition, but if you’re stuck in London at the weekends you can check out Rob’s work at Ryantown, his new shop in Columbia Road and for those of you not in the UK he also has an Etsy shop!

Image copyright Rob Ryan.

1972 Munich Olympics Design Exhibition

'Spiele: Olt Aicher's Olympic Graphic design' is currently showing at the Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery in the San Jose State University. The exhibition includes posters, signage systems, brochures and uniforms, in fact all the design elements of the event designed by Otl Aicher. I'm not sure this body of work has been seen together since the actual 1972 Olympics.

The Munich Olympic design, 'perfectly embodies his philosophy and is the definitive example for today's graphic identity and branding programs'.

If you are lucky enough to live in the area, get over here and see it, it might be your only chance to see them together - I am so jealous!

Images from the Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery website.
Found via the wonderful, Grain Edit.

Mon 01 Sep 2008

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Paul Rand: A Tribute

How good was Paul Rand! This tribute is a nice little reminder of his work and his design philosophy. If this has got you yearning to see more check out the Paul Rand website which is packed full of all his work; identities, advertising, posters and books etc... as well as an extensive biography, lots of interviews and articles and some of his best quotes/philosophies;

"Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations".

For those of you stateside, you lucky people are going to have the opportunity to see this iconic design in the flesh at the 'Paul Rand: Modernist Design in Context' exhibition, October 16 - December 13 2008, in the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. The exhibition curator is Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo, author of 'Paul Rand: Modernist Design' and Professor & Chair of Visual Arts at UMBC. Somebody please bring it to the UK, pretty please!!

I couldn't let this post go, without posting some of his amazing work...

Tribute created by J Neeley, found on Rubbishcorp.
Images copyright Paul Rand.

The Launch of the Pleasure Bus Tour

The Pleasure Bus Mobile Art Gallery and shop is heading to Art Vinyl, 13 Broadway Market, London on Wednesday 13 August, 5-10pm for Disco, Daftness, Doodling and free Corona!

There'll be limited edition prints, t-shirts and postcards to buy, so if you can't make this stop watch out for the next location.

Jeremyville in Brighton

'My Summer in Brighton', Jeremyville's first Brighton show, kicks off on 5 August and runs until 7 September at Castor & Pollux.

Jeremyville is an Australian illustrator/artist/animator who splits his time between his homeland and NY. He wrote and produced, 'Vinyl Will Kill', the first designer toy book in the World and has featured in more recent titles including,'Kidrobot' and 'Pictoplamsa'.

His unique illustrations are quirky and intriguing, there is always lots to look at and much attention to detail. Jeremyville has worked with clients such as Converse, Adidas, Coca-cola and MTV to name but a few, so to see his work in Brighton will be fantastic.

More fantastic though, is that he has produced a limited edition A2 screenprint to celebrate this show and his time in Brighton (above right). There are only 50 signed copies available which will go on sale 1 August for £60 each. To reserve your copy, email

A selection of his prints and other merchandise are also available on his website.

Images copyright Jeremyville.

Print Club presents 'Blisters on my Fingers'

35 Illustrators. 35 Edition and hand signed prints. 35 Pounds each.

Blisters on my fingers runs from the 11th to 13th July 2008
at MC Motors, Millers Avenue off Arcola Street, Dalston, E8 2DS.

Friday night opening 6 to 10pm (Please RSVP)
Saturday 12 to 5pm - Afternoon Print off
Sunday 12 to 5pm - Closing show BBQ

Print Club is a water-based, screen printing club providing it's members with the facilities to produce their own screen prints. They have some amazing illustrators and designers as members including one of our favourite illustrators, Andy Smith (remember the 'I Pretend to Work poster'?) so it really should be a cracking show. Fingers crossed there will be some prints left to go in their shop for those of us that can't go!

Via Dirty Mouse.

Surf Photographer, Jeff Divine

Whilst we are on the theme of surf photographers, it would be remiss of me not too also post about the amazing work of Jeff Divine. Divine's images are mainly in colour and have a dynamic, fresh feel. His '70's Era' images are like a colour continuation of the Leroy Grannis black and white, 60's collection, capturing the whole of surf culture - the fashions, the hairstyles, the boards and always the very cool cars.

Jeff Divine grew up in La Jolla and began taking pictures of fellow surfers in the 60's. In 1971 he joined Surfer magazine and in 1981 became their Photo Editor for the next 16 years!

Divine's prints are available to buy through M+B in LA, but from the 21 July - 31 August his work will be exhibited/on sale at Crane and Kalman in Brighton, and I for one cannot wait!

Images via Jeff Divine Surf.

A Delicous day out - part 2

So... after a lovely lunch I made my way over to the Design Museum to take in the 'Richard Rogers + Architects' and 'Tim Walker' exhibitions (as well as some of the delicious cake).

Richard Rogers is the influential architect behind the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Lloyds Building and the Millennium Dome, both in London. His work is dynamic, experimental and always pushing the boundaries. The scale models are fantastic. I love the miniature cars and people - there is always one doing something weird, I guarantee it!

It was the Tim Walker exhibition though, that stole the afternoon, it was wonderful. Tim Walker is a renowned fashion photographer whose images regularly grace the pages of Vogue.

His images are fascinating. They are conceptual and imaginative, some are dreamy and elegant while others are beautiful, but chaotic. My favourites are the pastel animals, in particular the cats. The exhibition also displayed some of the over-sized props from the photoshoots, as well as some of Walker's sketchbooks, showing his thought processes, ideas, references and inspirations which give a real insight into his work.

A Delicious day out - part 1

Every now and again I like to take a day off to take in some culture, so yesterday I visited the Museum of Childhood to see the 'Century of the Olympic Poster' exhibition (see my original post about this exhibition here). The posters are fantastic, the exhibition takes you chronologically through the collection, from 1851, to the London bid posters and then finally to the London 2012 logo. Most can be dated by the design alone, in particular the David Hockney and Roy Lichtenstein ones for the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics, as they are sooo 80's.

For me, the best by far is the Mexico'68 Olympic logo and poster. It is one of my all-time favourite pieces of design and it was great to see it in the flesh and especially to see the fluro pink and green version which I had never seen before.

What I found really interesting is the mixture of poster designs for each Games, some Games had 2 or 3 totally different styled posters, as though a different person had designed each one with no consideration of the others, whereas the best years had a very obvious style, even though different artist and designers had been invited to create them.

I hope that the organisers of London 2012 have seen this exhibition and understand that getting a branding company or a big name ad agency is not necessarily the best way to create a successful and memorable Games marketing campaign. Instead inviting people like, Damien Hirst, Banksy, Martin Parr or Bridget Riley - world renowned artists, designers and photographers to create a truly British campaign would create enormous media interest and create a campaign, modern and true to the diversity & creativity of the UK. Because at the moment the 2012 logo would look right at home on the 1984 LA Games posters and does not inspire anything vaguely British or modern.

Sat 21 Jun 2008

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The World's First Graphic Design Musuem

A Graphic Design Museum, said to be the first in the world, opened in Beyerd Breda, in the Netherlands last week. The museum, which will focus solely on Graphic Design, offers established designers an International stage and is, at the same time, a spring-board for new top talent.

The opening 4 exhibits; one aimed at children, one aimed at young adults, one aimed at design professionals and a retrospective, 100 years of Dutch Graphic Design are designed to appeal to the general public and design professionals alike.

Via Design Week.

Tue 17 Jun 2008

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Gilbert Garcin at Arden & Anstruther Gallery

Our favourite photography gallery, Arden & Anstruther are exhibiting the self-portraits of Gilbert Garcin for the next six weeks, and are opening everyday throughout the Petworth Festival (7-21 June). Garcin's images are wonderfully surreal and for me, there is something very Dada about them - I just love them. It is definitely worth a visit.

Image from Arden & Anstruther.

Mon 09 Jun 2008

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