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24 Delicious Days of Advent - #10

No.10 is a classic from photographer Hugh Holland - 'Jesus Saves', Marina Del Ray, 1977 from his Angels series.

Angels - Street. Skate. Seventies. is a collection of images that documents the early skateboarding scene in the mid 70's before it's commercial explosion.

In the UK prints are available from Crane Kalman, Brighton and in the US, from M+B, California.

Image copyright Hugh Holland from Crane Kalman.

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #9

Tina Lilienthal
's wonderfully chunky and kitsch jewellery is at no.9.

Her collection combines skull, strawberry, heart, pearl, anchor and scissor details which create fun, quirky pieces; pins, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I love them all (but Santa, if you are reading this, the cherries are my favourite!)

In Brighton, the wonderful Jewel Thief has a good selection of the range along with a great selection of other contemporary jewellery.

Images copyright Tina Lilienthal.

Tue 09 Dec 2008

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24 Delicious Days of Advent - #8

A beautiful and glamorous number 8 - Tim Walker's, 'Pictures' book.

After seeing his exhibition at The Design Museum earlier this year I have yearned after this book. His images are so dreamy and pretty and at the same time a little weird which I just love.

The book is not only a collection of his gorgeous images but an insight into the way Walker works; his reference, sketches, thoughts and ideas.

There are some copies (old and new) on Amazon from about £40 which is not a bad price for such a lovely book. Some of his images are available as posters here.

Images copyright Tim Walker.

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #7

This book is probably on every designers Christmas wishlist (unless of course they're lucky enough to already own it!).

It's 'Herb Lubalin; Art Director, Graphic Designer and typographer', a retrospective of his lifes work, crammed full of his wonderful typography, Avant Garde spreads and iconic logos.

I have found a few copies for sale but they're not cheap! A bit more affordable though, is the Japanese, Idea Magazine #329 with a special feature on the 'Typo-Graphics of Herb Lubalin'. Understandably it's a sought after issue, but it covers a large amount of Herb's renowned typography and design and is only 39.50 Euro (thanks to Ryan at Sell! Sell! for this great tip-off).

There's also a great tribute to Herb Lubalin's work online here.

Images from Typogabor.

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #6

Ok so no. 6 is only a concept, but this is a wishlist! It's a Full Size Chocolate Keyboard, the idea of Russian product designer, Michael Sholk. This would make such a great Christmas gift.

If you really want a chocolate keyboard for someone this Christmas, you can buy one here, but it doesn't look anywhere near as good as Sholk's one and is nowhere near full size.

Image copyright Michael Sholk.

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #5

An appropriate No. 5 - Jonathan Borofsky's, 'Big 5' from the Number 3253776, 1990.

It's a 78" x 59 3/4", 1 color woodcut/relief from an edition of 25. There's something very beautiful about giant type, especially in black and white, unfortunately though it's $2800!

Interior image copyright Christine Lane Interiors.
Big 5 image copyright Gemini G.E.L. and Jonathan Borofsky.

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #4

A rather large item for no.4 and one I'm sure you're all familiar with - an original red telephone box.

Unicorn Kiosks restores all models of phone boxes (and Royal Mail letterboxes), from Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's first production cast iron kiosk (K2) distributed only in London due to high costs, through to Brue Martin's 1968 streamlined, modular K8.

Restored kiosks are taken back to bare metal and built back up using only original period correct parts (prices start at £2995), but they are also available unrestored (from £750) and come with the correct paint and original glass, making them a totally unique gift for any serial DIYer!

Images copyright Unicorn Kiosks.

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #3

Now this wasn't on the original list of Delicious things, but I saw it today and really want one - it's a Sharpie pen designed by Plexifilm to only write in Helvetica!

You can't actually buy one, as they are only available as a free gift with any purchase from the 'Helvetica' merchandise range while stocks last, but unfortunately I can't find any mention of them now so it looks like they have already sold out.

It is sold with a warning though - "If you are John Downer or Marian Bantjes then the pen will actually write in Helvetica. Otherwise, your results may vary. Do not swallow. Keep away from open flame and co-workers. May cause drowsiness".

Via the fabulous Hero Blog.

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #2

Number 2! A wonderful design book that has been on the most-wanted list for a while now, 'Schweizer Industrie Grafik (Graphic Design in Swiss Industry)', Hans Neuberg, 1965.

It's packed full of great typography and graphic diagrams, many of which look like they could have been designed now - not 43 years ago!

These images are from Aisle One's Flickr Group where you can see a large selection of pages from the book. They do come up on Ebay every now and again, so maybe one day it will be mine!

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #1

December the 1st - day one of the 24 Delicious Days of Advent!

We don't have an advent calendar this year, so instead we're going to post one Delicious thing a day from our Christmas Wish list.

Behind door 1 is this fabulous Jamie Reid, 'Nevermind the Bollocks here's the Sex Pistols' original 70's billboard poster (150 x 90mm) from Art Republic a bargain at £1295:


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