24 Delicious Days of Advent - #7

This book is probably on every designers Christmas wishlist (unless of course they're lucky enough to already own it!).

It's 'Herb Lubalin; Art Director, Graphic Designer and typographer', a retrospective of his lifes work, crammed full of his wonderful typography, Avant Garde spreads and iconic logos.

I have found a few copies for sale but they're not cheap! A bit more affordable though, is the Japanese, Idea Magazine #329 with a special feature on the 'Typo-Graphics of Herb Lubalin'. Understandably it's a sought after issue, but it covers a large amount of Herb's renowned typography and design and is only 39.50 Euro (thanks to Ryan at Sell! Sell! for this great tip-off).

There's also a great tribute to Herb Lubalin's work online here.

Images from Typogabor.


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