British Design Classics

On the 13 January 2009 the Royal Mail are issuing a new set of stamps to commemorate 10 British Design Classics.

This great series includes the Mini (Sir Alec Issigonis, 1959), Harry Beck’s design of the London Underground Map from the 1930’s, the classic Red Telephone boxes (Sir Gilbert Scott, K2 Design, 1926), RJ Mitchell’s Spitfire and Concorde (Aérospatiale-BAC).

The stamps will be launched alongside a prestige stamp book which will provide more information about the celebrated design icons and their history.

2009 also marks Mini’s 50th birthday and Concorde’s 40th birthday and to celebrate the Royal Mail are issuing a generic sheet of 20 stamps for each also available in the New Year.

Via CR Blog.
Images copyright Royal Mail, from the CR Blog.

Fri 28 Nov 2008

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