Beetle Drive

On the theme of old games, this is a late 50's (?) version of the great British game - Beetle. The Beetle game was massive in the 60's with 'Beetle Drives', an evening of playing Beetle with food and drink, often done as a fundraiser. The game can be played individually or in teams by all ages.

The aim is the first person to draw a full beetle on their card. A throw of the dice dictates which part you can draw. In this version a roll of 6 lets you draw the body, 5 - the head (which you must have before being allowed to draw the eyes or feelers), 4 - the tail, 3 - one leg, 2 - one feeler and finally 1 - an eye. The first person to complete their beetle is the winner of that game. At a Beetle Drive the winner is the person who wins the most games out of 12 and often the players switch tables for each game to make more of a social evening.

I'm not sure it sounds like, "riots of breathless excitement & laughter", but maybe after a good few drinks!

The best thing about this version is the card 'dice'. You put a matchstick through the middle and spin it, apparently due to the, "difficulty in procuring dice" at that time - or is it really because a dice wouldn't fit in the box??

Wed 26 Nov 2008

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