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Secret Blisters 09 - Posters Now Online!

Print Club London have put the remaining Secret Blisters 09 posters in their online store and don't worry, all the artists have now been revealed!

Contributing artists include Anthony Burrill, Andy Smith, Si Scott, Jon Burgerman, Steve Wilson, Richard Hogg and Eine.

Above from left to right is work by Anthony Burrill, Abi Williams and Andy Smith.
Images copyright of the artists.

Dark Zoo

Dark Zoo is the latest series from french photographer, Nicolas Evariste. The images are black and white portraits of captive animals in zoos. They're beautiful, but at the same time quite haunting and somber. Check out the full collection here.

Images copyright Nicolas Evariste.
Via Notcot.

Thu 09 Jul 2009

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From the reference box # 45

#45 - Vintage photographic studio cards. Photographic studios in the late 19th and early 20th century would hand these out as a kind of business card to advertise their work and show clients their proofs.

They're a thick board with rounded corners and often have gold, printed edges. Intricately designed studio details are printed on the reverse and a photographic image (usually a very serious portrait) is glued to the front - a contrast I just love. Some cards also had foil blocking and debossing on the fronts to embellish the studio name.

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Wed 08 Jul 2009

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Javier Mariscal: Drawing Life 2009

The Design Museum, London are currently exhibiting the first UK retrospective of Javier Mariscal - Spanish artist, designer, sculptor, illustrator, interior designer and furniture designer - "one of the world's most innovative and original designers of our time".

Javier Mariscal was born in Valencia in 1950, but moved to Barcelona to live and work in 1970 were he opened Estudio Mariscal in 1989. Throughout his career Mariscal has created mascots for the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 ('Cobi' - below) and for the Hanover 2000 Expo in 1995 ('Twipsy'), he created the now famous diary room chair for the second year of Channel 4's 'Big Brother' in 2001, designed the popular 'Alexandra Armchair' as part of the Amorosos Furniture Collection for Moroso and created identities for the Swedish Socialist Party 'Socialdemkraterna', Barcelona Zoo, and London post-production company, Framestore.

Mariscal has such a huge body of work that the exhibition should be fantastic - apparently there's an entrance tunnel displaying 640 examples of his work from the last 30 years (including typefaces) and on the exterior of the Design Museum he has created a giant typographic mural, "showcasing his unique vision and signature design style".

The exhibition runs until 1 November 2009 and has it's very own blog to keep everyone up-to-date with the goings on.

Images copyright Javier Mariscal.

Mon 06 Jul 2009

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Penguin Group Logo Develpment

I found this history of the Penguin Group logos (1935 – 2005) in the back of a great book - ‘Penguin by Design: A Cover Story 1935 – 2005’ by Phil Baines and published by Penguin Group.

It's really interesting seeing the development over the 70 years of such iconic logos, so I’ve put them in chronological order to make it easier to see the changes. Amongst them is the initial Penguin logo created by office junior, Edward Young in 1935 taken from his penguin sketches at London Zoo and the versions created by the legendary Jan Tschihold (Head of Design, 1946-49). Enjoy...

1. Penguin, 1935. 33. Penguin, 1935. 26. Pelican, 1937. 48. Penguin, 1937. 18. Pelican, 1937. 8. Penguin, 1938. 31. Penguin, 1938. 45. King Penguin, 1939. 10. Puffin, 1940. 4. Puffin, 1941.

15. Puffin, 1941. 28. Penguin, 1944. 40. Penguin, 1945. 32. Penguin, 1945. 27. Ptarmigan, 1945. 3. Penguin, 1946. 6. Penguin, 1946. 12. Penguin, 1947. 37. Penguin, 1947. 41. Penguin, 1947.

7. Porpoise, 1948. 9. King Penguin, 1948. 11. Pelican, 1948. 17. Pelican, 1948. 20. Penguin, 1948. 34. King Penguin, 1948. 35. Puffin, 1948. 36. Penguin, 1948. 43. Penguin, 1948. 46. Pelican, 1948.

13. Penguin, 1949. 24. Penguin, 1949. 30. Pelican, 1949. 14. Penguin, 1950. 25. Pelican History of Art, 1953. 22. Puffin, c.1959. 44. Peregrine, 1962. 42. Peacock, c.1963. 21. Penguin Education,1967. 5. Allen Lane, 1967.

39. Puffin, 2003. 2. Puffin, 1968. 19. Kestrel, 1970. 47. Kestrel, 1970. 16. Penguin, c.1987. 23. Allen Lane, 2003. 29. Penguin, 2003. 38. Puffin, 2003.

Logos/Trademarks copyright Penguin Group.

Thu 02 Jul 2009

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Clothing Labels

There's a fun collection of clothing labels over on World Famous Design Junkies. Inspired by Kindra Murphy's collection they have searched the internet and put together a virtual collection of their own.

The type has a great quality to it which I really love and although the designs might not be amazing, they all have a certain charm.

Images from World Famous Design Junkies.
Via Notcot.

Wed 01 Jul 2009

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