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Eye Magazine's first independent issue # 67

Check out the Spring 2008 issue of Eye Magazine (#67) out his week. This is the publications first independent issue after being 'released' by Haymarket Publishing to editor, John L Walters. Fingers crossed it will be onwards and upwards from here on in, I think design mags need the freedom of independence to be able to push the boundaries and remain inspiring. Look at Grafik it is better now than it ever was.

Mon 14 Apr 2008

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Design & Typography resource

Typogabor has a great collection of scanned in design and typography books as well as 'tributes' to the great Lou Dorfsmann and Herb Lubalin which are collections of some of their best work. It's a really good resource as books like the 'Top Symbols & Trademarks' are such good reference yet so hard to come by.

Via The Serif

Mon 14 Apr 2008

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Typographic clock

This is the Neubau homepage. I love the giant type & digital clock.

Sat 12 Apr 2008

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Cat nap

It's been a busy week here at Delicious, so Tigger is enjoying a little, Friday afternoon nap!

Fri 11 Apr 2008

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Classic logos: then and now

Neatorama has researched the logo development of some of the biggest brands in the IT world. It's really interesting to see the changes over the years, but I'm not sure all the changes are for the better.

Thu 10 Apr 2008

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John Severson, Vintage Surf Photography

I recently came across the surf photography of Surfer Magazine creator, John Severson. John was a pro surfer, turned film maker, producing some of the very first surf movies including 'Big Wednesday' and 'Surf Safari' before starting the magazine and turning his time more to surf photography and graphics.

His photos are of the big wave riders from the late 50's and early 60's printed in black and white. Signed versions are available to buy from Surfer Art along with his paintings, block prints and re-prints of his promotional movie posters.

People with magic wands only

Saw this today and it made me smile - if you are going to modify a road sign why stop at giving it a magic wand, and for that matter, why give it a magic wand? Maybe they were trying to conjure up a real pavement??

Wed 09 Apr 2008

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Central Station Retrospective

The Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester is holding an exclusive exhibition throughout May 2008 to celebrate 25 years of one of Manchester's legendary design studio, Central Station.

Matt & Pat Carroll and Karen Jackson at Central Station, have produced some of the most iconic design to come out of Manchester, working with Manchester's finest; bands like Happy Mondays & Black Grape, Tony WIlson, The Hacienda and more recently with Michael Winterbottom on the film '24 hour Party People' starring Steve Coogan.

“Central Station’s work is widely accepted as amongst the most influential; they inspired a generation of designers and music fans and helped define the infamous ‘Madchester’ era.” says Richard Goodall the gallery curator.

During the exhibition there will also be a selection of limited edition fine art prints available, so get saving!

Mon 07 Apr 2008

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From the reference box #4

Here we have some vintage wine labels that have been in the Delicious reference box for quite a long time now. The quirky typography and great print quality make them far more interesting than most wine labels today. I am particularly fond of the very simple 'Bordeaux, Supérieur' and 'Vin Blanc, Moelleux' labels.

So here they are #4 - Vintage wine labels

Dick Bruna's, Miffy

Here at Delicious we love the work of Dutch illustrator, Dick Bruna, especially Miffy, one of the best-loved children's book characters of all time. Bruna's use of simple line drawing with bold, blocks of red, blue, green and yellow create a wonderfully 2-dimensional graphic image. These fantastic illustrations are now available as limited edition prints from the UK Miffy Shop.

Sat 05 Apr 2008

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Animal photography

These dark and moody, animal images by Dylan Montgomery are from his 2008 collection of work. His work seems very varied, but I think the animal images are the best by far.

Fri 04 Apr 2008

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Goodbye to Paul Arden

We would like to pay tribute to Paul Arden, who died yesterday after a long illness. He was a Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi for many years creating great campaigns such as British Airways and Silk Cut. In recent years he became a published author, with top selling books, 'It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be', 'Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite' and, last year, 'God Explained In A Taxi Ride'.

He also ran one of our favourite galleries, Arden & Anstruther, a New York-style Photography Gallery in Petworth along with his wife, Toni.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. Messages of condolence can be left on the Creative Review Blog.

Thu 03 Apr 2008

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Create your own fonts

Ever fancied designing your own typeface but didn't quite have the technical know how to make it work? Well the very kind people at Fontshop have created 'Fontstruct' a free font-building tool where fonts can be constructed using geometric shapes in a grid-like pattern. Once complete it is turned into a working true-type font ready to use on either Mac or Windows systems. I wonder how well it works? I guess there is only one way to find out...

Thu 03 Apr 2008

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Money, money, money…

The Royal Mint has just revealed new designs for all UK coins as the result of a national competition started in 2005 and won by London designer, Matthew Dent. This is the first time that a single design has been carried through all denominations in the UK.

The 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 50p each display a section of the Royal Arms that can be arranged to make up the full shield, and in case you don't know what that should look like, the £1 coin shows it in full. "It's easy to imagine the coins pushed around a school classroom table or fumbled around with on a bar - being pieced together as a jigsaw and just having fun with them." says Matthew.

They do have a really modern feel, having no numbers and the denomination only in word form gives them a very fresh appearance. I think it's about time they were given a facelift, however I can't help thinking the 5p looks like an old Roman or Saxon coin??

The new designs will be integrated into circulation throughout the year alongside the existing coins. For more information go to the Royal Mint website.

Information via It's Nice That

Wed 02 Apr 2008

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Little People

No - not fairies and pixies, but really little, model people in unexpected, everyday places just doing their own thing, or as their creator, Slinkachu puts it, 'Little, hand-painted people, left in London to fend for themselves'...

To see more of this 'tiny street art project' click here and remember to watch out for our tiny friends on a street near you.

Tue 01 Apr 2008

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