Another Sellotape tin!

This weekend I found another Sellotape® tin (full of vintage cream and pearl buttons which was a bonus!) at a boot sale. This one seems slightly later than the other two I have (below) as it has metric measurements as the main dimensions rather than in brackets as previously.

Metrication started formally here in the UK in 1965, so this tin is probably from the mid to late 60's. I actually now think the other tins are likely to be from the early 60's as I first thought, and not the late 50's.

Have you spotted the slight change on the new tin too? A very small detail, but they've added a hyphen to 'self-adhesive' and have also rounded down the millimeter measurement from 25.4mm to 25mm on the 1" x 72 yds tins.

Check out my earlier post on Sellotape® tins, a bit of Sellotape® history and a selection of old adverts here.

Thu 15 Apr 2010

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