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Saw this Ed Hall poster over on Sell! Sell! - it's a nice little reminder at the start of the year and it reminded me how much I love doing what I do!

Copyright Ed Hall.

Mon 09 Jan 2012

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Tools of Criminal Mischief - Roger Gastman prints

Roger Gastman, collector of all things graffiti and co-creator of Swindle magazine has released this set of 3 hand-numbered posters showcasing his wonderful collection of vintage spray cans, Tools of Criminal Mischief: The Cans.

Designed to coincide with his new limited edition book 'Tools of Criminal Mischief', the posters featuring cans recently exhibited at MOCA as part of their Art in the Streets exhibition and include, "coveted brands such as Krylon, Rustoleum and Red Devil as well as off-brands with colors such as Silver-Skate Aluminum and Baa Baa Black".

The posters are available individually or as a set, so bag yourself some graffiti memorabilia here.

Images copyright Roger Gastman.
Via World Famous Design Junkies.

Soviet anti-alcohol posters

Rio Wang has some great Soviet anti-alcohol posters mainly from 1920 - 1990.

Their post “In eternal memory” outlines the background to these posters - Russia's social history, their struggle with alcoholism and drunkeness, cheap alcohol readily available and a drop in the average male life expectancy to 47!

Above are some of the more graphic ones that really caught my attention.

See the full post and collection of posters here.

All images from Rio Wang.
Via Notcot.

Tue 22 Nov 2011

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Rob Ryan at Castor + Pollux

Rob Ryan launched his lovely new book, 'A sky full of kindness' with an exhibition at Castor + Pollux last week. Once again I missed the preview but I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

"A Sky Full of Kindness’ which has been written and illustrated by Rob using his intricate and beautiful paper cuts, telling the story of two birds who are preparing for their egg to hatch."

The exhibition runs until the 5 December. It's a collection of new prints and hand-cut illustrations from the book, along with a selection of cards, laser cuts, plates, bunting, books and mugs always available at Castor + Pollux. Great for some early Christmas shopping!

Don't worry if you can't get down to Brighton though, there's a great selection of his work available from their online store.

Mon 07 Nov 2011

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I love Bob Caruthers' Flickr set Similarities - a collection of design pairs showing the original design and a 're-contextualized', 'inspired' or 'appropriated' later design. Some are 'homages' to the original design and a few, I'm sure are just coincidental.

As Bob says, "They are presented without judgement as to the motives of their creators. The viewers of the pieces can form their own opinion(s) about what they see". It must have taken him a long time to gather so many examples and he must have a very in-depth knowledge of design history!

I find it really interesting to see the original designs, when often you didn't even know the current one wasn't the original. It reminds me when I was younger and loved a new song in the charts, only for my dad to say the original version was better!

I came across this Flickr set via Quad Royal, who has posted a great article about The Sunday TImes poster (immediately above) and the other posters in the 1960's campaign.

Images copyright Bob cruthers.

Fri 05 Aug 2011

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Revolutionary Film Posters

Revolutionary Film Posters: Aesthetic Experiments of Russian Constructivism, 1920-33 is an exhibition just coming to an end at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in New York.

The exhibition comprises of 95 posters including works from Alexander Rodchenko, 'The Stenberg Brothers' (Georgii & Vladimir) and Alexander Naumov. Many of which are the only known surviving examples and have never before been publicly exhibited.

"Reacting to the chaos of the Russian Revolution, the Constructivists sought order and felt it their civic duty to engineer a more stable and harmonious society."

I love the bold colours and dynamic compositions. It's such a shame I've only just found out about it. Don't worry though if you missed it too, all the posters along with photos of the exhibition can be seen here.

Images taken from Tony Shafrazi Gallery.

Thu 28 Jul 2011

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Erik Nitsche for General Dynamics

I love it when I browse my favourite blogs in a morning and see something I haven't come across before, and that's just what happened today.

I saw a great collection of General Dynamics posters over on Words & Eggs created by late Erik Nitsche - graphic designer/art director for the General Dynamics in the late 50's.

Nitsche was responsible for all General Dynamics brand communication from 1953 - 1960. He brought an optimistic, modern dynamic to the brand and produced bold, graphic designs which can be seen in the selection of posters (above), in these adverts...

and in these annual report covers...

Images sourced here, here and here.
Copyright held by image owners.

Vintage Circus Posters

These gorgeous, vintage circus posters have been tucked away here for quite a few years. They're American and mostly from the 60'/70's with the exception of the black, red and yellow, Royal Hanneford Circus one, which is from 1990.

I absolutely love the off-set print on the graphics, the sometime garish colours and the big type. The circus would have lots of the posters printed with blank space at the top or bottom to have the dates printed as and when required.

All the above posters are printed onto a thick card and are approx. 357 x 560 mm in size. They're currently part of the AT Open House at 42 Hendon Street, Brighton and have just been added to their new web shop. Quick, grab yourself a bargain vintage poster!

Wim Crouwel: A Graphic Odyssey

The Design Museum, London are currently showing the UK's first retrospective of Dutch designer Wim Crouwel's work, Wim Crouwel: A Graphic Odyssey. An exhibition showcasing posters, print, typography and exhibition design from his 60 year of his career.

Crouwel is recognised for his love of grids and typographic systems to create dynamic, experimental work. "Regarded as one of the leading designers of the twentieth century, Crouwel embraced a new modernity to produce typographic designs that captured the essence of the emerging computer and space age of the early 1960s".

Wim Crouwel: A Graphic Odyssey runs until 3 July 2011. A set of 5 limited edition 'C' prints (above) designed exclusively for the Design Museum by Spin are available here throughout the exhibition.

Images copyright of the Design Museum.

Tue 05 Apr 2011

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Qantas Travel Posters

Here's some fabulous Monday inspiration in the form of 50's and 60's Qantas Travel Posters designed by William F Schey and Harry Rogers.

The full range can be seen here.

Images copyright GMJames.
Via Stickers and Stuff.

Mon 04 Apr 2011

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Bass Notes: The film posters of Saul Bass

The last Saul Bass exhibition I remember in the UK was back in 2004 at London's Design Museum. As you would expect from a retrospective of such an influential designer, it was a very inspiring collection of work.

Much of his work was for the film industry and throughout the 60's Bass famously worked with film directors Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock and Otto Preminger producing iconic film posters. Posters we are now going to get the chance to see again thanks to Kemistry Gallery, London.

Bass Notes: The film posters of Saul Bass is a collection of film posters, title credits and film festival posters from the Lloyd Northover donation to the British Film Institute. I'm not sure which posters will be in the exhibition and I can't wait to find out, but to get you in the mood here's a selection of the classics...

Above posters all available to purchase At The Movies.

Fri 11 Feb 2011

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Christie's Travel and Vintage Poster Auction

These wonderful Olivetti posters are coming up for auction on the 5 November as part of the Christie's Travel and Vintage Poster sale. You can view the ecatalogue here - you won't be disappointed, there are loads of great travel posters, but these Olivetti ones get my bid (or they would if I'd saved a few more pennies this year).

Olivetti Divisumma (above top) by Herbert Bayer (1953) is lot number 252. It's a linen-backed, lithographic print (71 x 51cm) classed as A- condition with an estimation of £1000-£1500.

Olivetti Elettrosumma 22 (above bottom) by Giovanni Pintori is lot number 255. This lithographic print (70 x 49 cm) printed by Arti Grafiche M & G Pirovano in 1956 is not backed, but is classed as A condition and has an estimation of £600-£800.

Find more sale information here. Happy bidding!

Images copyright Christie's.
Via Quad Royal.

Wed 20 Oct 2010

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