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Logos, graphics and trademarks

These fabulous graphics are taken from 3 scrapbooks of labels, logos and trademarks, photocopied many years ago by my good friend Mike, who in turn allowed me to get a copy. I treasure them, they are such a vast and varied collection they make fantastic reference material and each time I look through them I still see something new.

So, thank you Mike, they are invaluable!

Tue 16 Sep 2008

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Rabbit Garbage Bags

How fab are these garbage (or rubbish) bags?? created to help prevent littering and encourage people to take their rubbish away with them. I love them - they're genius!

They are designed by Japanese company, MAQ Inc. and can be bought from Mottainai along with loads of other really cool bags for your rubbish. This rabbit one is by far the best though.

Via Trend Hunter.

Do not disturb

It never occurred to me that 'Do not Disturb' door hangers could be interesting and well designed, until I stumbled upon Michael Lebowitz's fantastic collection on the equally fantastic Grain Edit.

Lebowitz found the collection on the wall of his late grandfather's study - he was a foreign service man and during his travels had collected the door hangers, brought them home and stuck them on the wall of his study, eventually filling the whole wall!

They are really great, all different shapes, sizes and languages. Some are simple and well designed, some have humour and others are just functional, but they are all great pieces of ephemera - thank you Michael for sharing!

Via Grain Edit.

Sat 16 Aug 2008

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Bargain books!!

I always have a 'books I want' list on my computer, just in case someone wants to surprise me. Anyway, today I managed to buy 2 of them and for the grand total of £12.25!!

The first was, 'Leroy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960's and 1970's' by Steve Barilotti - reduced from £24.99 to £6.25, and the second was, 'Alison Jackson: Confidential' from Taschen - reduced from £24.99 to £6. The Grannis book has a small tear on the cover, but the Alison Jackson book was still sealed. So thanks to Pussy Home Boutique, Brighton for making my day smile

Save Polaroid!

With Polaroid film production coming to an end sometime in 2008/2009 Save Polaroid is spearheading a worldwide campaign to help save it. The website is full of the joys of Polaroid; history, news, stories and lots of pics, plus a downloadable 'action pack' on how to help the cause.

Polaroid is a great media, I love the slightly hazy, 70's looking colours - what I like to call 'the Polaroid effect' - now what other camera can do that? OK, I know that Fuji do a similar camera, but the pictures are a different shape and it's just not the same!

If this has inspired you to dig out some of your old polaroids, why not send one to Postcard Polaroid.

Via Its Nice That.

Thu 10 Jul 2008

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Typographic Welcome Mat

These typographic rugs are brilliant. They are hand-cut from felt by John Agelii and are available in a range of colours from John Pour Home

Red and Yellow and Pink and Blue…

There is something very relaxing about turning page after page of colour. Try it for yourselves at the wonderful creation of Rafaël Rozendaal complete with sound effects.
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Mon 24 Mar 2008

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ABC3D Pop-up Alphabet book

This fantastic book is the handiwork of French designer, Marion Bataille. This is a mock-up of the book videoed by staff at Roaring Brook Press, who are publishing it in October this year.

PS. the music is 'Roll On' by the Boswell Sisters.
Information via Drawn

Sat 22 Mar 2008

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Designer bags for £1

Grab yourselves an eco-friendly bargain at the Design Museum Shop - £1 is all it costs for one of their long or short handled, non-woven bags. Now, go on, what are you waiting for...

Meet Tigger

Everyone say Hello to Tigger, the Delicious cat.

I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of him!

Tue 11 Mar 2008

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