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I won these issues of Print in Britain on Ebay last week for next to nothing and they arrived this morning. I can't find much out about the publication other than it was "A monthly magazine for everyone in the printing industry", published on Orange Street in London and art directed by J couper.

The earliest copy I have is from July 1955 which is Volume 3, Number 3 so I'm guessing it started in 1953. Most of the issues are in two colours (black and a bright colour) which are used really well throughout. I like the use of the overlay in the spread below.

At least half of the publication is taken up with advertising - there are ads for printing presses, inks, design, typefaces and paper samples which are all great, but here are my favourites:

I particularly like the big numbers, but that goes without saying!

Tue 14 Oct 2008

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Sell! Sell!

10 Oct 2008 04:02 PM

These are great - nice find.


10 Oct 2008 04:11 PM

How did I miss these?
Good snag Delicious. Keep the good stuff coming.


Hero Design Studio + Boutique

10 Oct 2008 06:13 PM

wow these are so great!!!

La Niña Graphics

01 Jan 2010 03:53 PM

good shop!

it is amazing that you get these publations.

I am looking for one article published in one of the issues, in volume 3, number 5. Is is possible that you have it? I am writing about Crous Vidal and I cant find this article.
I’d appreciate any help…

Day, K. “Crous-Vidal. Continental designer with international implications”. Print in Britain. A Monthly Magazine for Everyone in the Printing Industry, vol. 3, num. 5, p. 132-140, 1955.

Delicious Industries

01 Jan 2010 12:30 PM

La Niña Graphics - Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately number 3 is the only issue I have from Volume 3, but if I come across any others I will let you know. Goodluck.

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